Philpstoun Community Council – Thursday 9th March 2017

 Jonathan Harris (Acting Chair), Kirstie Constable, David Tait, Councillor, PC Neill Drummond, Gillian McLean, June Malcolm

Apologies - Tom Conn Councillor, PC Andy Murray, Tom Kerr Councillor, Simon Constable, Andy Gray (Chair)

1. Police Report – Motorbikes have started appearing back on the bings and concerns will get worse with better weather. PC Neill Drummond is now the single point of contact for bikes issues in West Lothian. Meetings being held with Police and Hopetoun/Scottish Canals etc.  The Police plan is to restrict vehicle parking to get onto the bings and use of ASBO legislation.  Fencing to secure sites to prevent access would be best deterrent however unlikely to be installed. Police are using social media / websites to get message across to prevent use that land is private and use is unauthorised.  No other issues reported in Philpstoun although some break ins in Linlithgow with the advice to keep house / car secure, keep lights on etc. make it look like house is occupied. Any suspicious reports/vehicles etc. the Police encourage anyone to report any instances to the police line 101 or e-mail .

2. Philpstoun Bowling Club – New issue of lack of access to parking area due to land being unfinished as agreed and to be resolved with contactor – Tom Kerr was progressing.  March – Meeting been held with Engineer / Councillors and Council to try to resolve although it is likely to take some time to ongoing issues.

3. EGIP – The notice board requested from EGIP/Network Rail is yet to be supplied – The EGIP project are looking into providing notice board.   Preference for Perspex and preferred sizes to be notified. Installation to be agreed with EGIP. 

Damage to verges and covering of chipped path to Old Philpstoun following completion of bridge works.  J Harris requested at the least the path is put back to its previous condition with chipsAll agreed that Community Council to write to Chris Alcorn, identify the location and can this be included on core paths network/plan to encourage council to adopt and if there is any potential funding (special projects grant possibly).  David Tait, if provided with correct information, will then speak to Christ Alcorn – J Harris will send details to David Tait. 

4. Planning –


0591/EIA/16 – EIA Screening request for Wilcoxholm Farm (4 fields) – Note to discuss Community Council response as impact on education, road traffic through village.  Tom Kerr advised that Rick Finc Associates were holding public events as currently pre-planning stage – item to be on newsletter / notice board.   Pending decision.


11/FUL/17 – 7 Storage units at Park Farm. Pending decision.


19/FUL/17 – Kingsfield – Proposal to double up the existing shed/building for agricultural storage.  March 17 – Update that confirmed that applicant will be using it for agricultural use and no comment would be returned.


0069/H/17 – Extension to house at Rosend, Pardovan Holdings.  No comments to planners. Pending decision.


5. Environment – Follow up confirmation required of treatment of Himalayan Balsam. A Gray to liaise with Paul - Action A Gray to enquire due to close proximity of growing season.


Neil Findlay correspondence received encouraging participation on a bill to ban fracking raised by Claudia Beamish, MPS link for support is

And also that the Scottish Government are holding an inquiry into participation in Sport in Scotland and is encouraging organisations/individuals to take part in an online survey .


6. Airport Trial – Further correspondence received as the second consultation phase has been launched giving members of public another opportunity to give their views and diagrams of options are available. West Lothian will likely be affected and it is important for as many people as possible to take part before the consultation closes on 30th April 2017. You can respond to Edinburgh Airports Website / or by writing to : Freepost LET’S GO FURTHER, The Consultation Co-ordinator, Edinburgh Airport, PO Box 17473, Edinburgh, EH12 1ND.

7.  Transport.  Note that the Railway Electrification will be going live and letter drops/information  . 

8. Community Improvement and Youth Members - Suggestion made that council need to get a note out to seek community views / ideas.  One suggestion was to encourage youth members as 4 members aged 14-18 can sit on the council.  Also what other money in council fund is available to have a community involvement and ideas needed – one suggestion is seat outside the Community Centre needs sanding and varnishing.   Update required from WLC for any outstanding community funds from Lorraine McGrority possibly Village Improvement Grant. Tom Kerr suggests inviting Douglas Grierson, Community Regeneration Officer, Tel 01506 281088 / who could advise how to spend money.  Action A Gray.

Suggestion from G McLean to replace flowers and planters in village as previous were removed.  Community council to speak to Youth Club to engage participation.  David Tait suggested inviting Burgh Beautiful  / Ron Smith for guidance.

Youth Club – Possible contribution from Community Council for fund raising and to discuss over next meetings.

9. Newsletter / notice –  Next newsletter – planters, youth participation from Youth Club as above. Add Wilcoxholm planning details to the newsletter.

10. AOB.  No new business reported.

11. NOTE Next meeting will be Thursday 11h May 2017, 19.30, Philpstoun Community Hall.