Philpstoun Community Council - Thursday 12 January 2017

Present - Jonathan Harris (Acting Chair) Simon Constable, Gillian McLean, Kirstie Constable, Tom Conn Councillor, Tom Kerr Councillor, PC Andy Murray, PC Neill Drummond

Apologies - Andy Gray (Chair)

1. Police Report –  Quiet. Police are encouraging feedback on your view counts on how community policing – on Police Scotland Website. Occasional instances of bikes on the bings and still encourage reports to be made to 101. 

2. Philpstoun Bowling Club – No update on last position of rent fees requested by Council, update to be obtained. Jan 17 – KC to ask Alan Baff to send copy of letter if still an issue.

3. EGIP – The notice board requested from EGIP/Network Rail is yet to be supplied – The EGIP project are looking into providing notice board.  KC now advised EGIP that the preference would be for free standing. If no progress by next meeting Chair to write to Network Rail Head Office.

Damage to verges and covering of chipped path to Old Philpstoun following completion of bridge works. Council advised the project to infill the path as it was not a recognised path. Community Council will need to approach WLC access officer to make this a path and reinstate.  KC to contact Tom Kerr.  All agreed that Community Council to write to Chris Alcorn, identify the location and can this be included on core paths network/plan to encourage council to adopt.

4. Planning –


0591/EIA/16 – EIA Screening request for Wilcoxholm Farm (4 fields) – Note to discuss Community Council response as impact on education, road traffic through village.  Tom Kerr advised that Rink Finc Associates were holding public events as currently pre-planning stage – item to be on newsletter / notice board. 


546/P/16 – 3 Houses beside canal – Jan 17 – Update - J Harris advised these have been refused.


11/FUL/17 – 7 Storage units at Park Farm. Previous application in 2010 (174/FUL/10) next to Bistro– craft stall / storage where only anyone utilising craft stall could utilise storage.  New application is stand alone storage units and public will be able to use storage at the rear of existing barn which has existing road access.  Possible concerns over road traffic and size of vehicles that could then be utilising but this would only be if this scheme was expanded . Comment would be that current plan acceptable however  the community council would have to consider any further expansion.


19/FUL/17 – Kingsfield – Proposal to double up the existing shed/building for agricultural storage.  If the plan is to be by delegated powers rather than planning committee the community council have 7 days to object.  Queries over what the shed will be utilised for as ‘agricultural storage’ does not detail the end usage – community council to request further details of end usage.


5. Environment – Follow up confirmation required of treatment of Himalayan Balsam. A Gray to liaise with Paul - Action A Gray to enquire due to close proximity of growing season .


6. Airport Trial – Consultation concluded and await further updates or check airport website.

7.  Transport.  Report of issues of the 20.12pm bus to Linlithgow on a Friday not turning up on two consecutive occasions end Oct/Nov leaving people stranded.  KC to e-mail to report as resident has e-mailed Horsburgh with no response. 

January Update - KC spoke to WLC who will raise issue with Horsburgh however they need specific instances to be recorded with as much information as possible to raise with the bus company (dates, times etc.).  All future instances to be sent to West Lothian Council to ensure issues are investigated so no impact on services.

8. Community Improvement and Youth Members - Suggestion made that council need to get a note out to seek community views / ideas.  One suggestion was to encourage youth members as 4 members aged 14-18 can sit on the council.  Also what other money in council fund is available to have a community involvement and ideas needed – one suggestion is seat outside the Community Centre needs sanding and varnishing.   Update required from WLC for any outstanding community funds from Lorraine McGrority. Action A Gray.

Suggestion from G McLean to replace flowers and planters in village as previous were removed.  Community council to speak to Youth Club to engage participation.

Youth Club – Possible contribution from Community Council for fund raising and to discuss over next meetings.

9. Newsletter / notice –  Next newsletter – planters, youth participation from Youth Club as above. Add Wilcoxholm planning details to the newsletter.

10. AOB .  No new business reported.

11. Next meeting will be Thursday 9th February, 19.30.