Kirstie Constable   Secretary

            Jonathan Harris      Member (Planning)                                          

            Andy Gray              Chair/Treasurer

            Simon Constable    Member

            Gillian McLean        Member

Aims Of Philpstoun Community Council

We have a number of aims for the Community Council based around improving the environment in Philpstoun to make it a better place to live: 

    -  Improve appearance of entrances/exits of village

    -  Better footpath provision including continuous link

    -  Reduce speed of traffic through the village

    -  Improve public transport provision

    -  Improved planting around the village

    -  More activities for school kids

    -  Reduce litter in and around the village

    -  Secure best outcomes for our community on planning issues

As well as the members above, Philpstoun Community Council meetings are regularly attended by our community policemen and local  West Lothian Council Councillors.